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Links and Credits


A beautiful community of Levitation fans courtesy of facebook:
Levitation - The Lost Bickers Recordings

Official videos, and concert footage aplenty:
Levitation Archive's channel - YouTube

Original fan-site lovingly crafted by Mandi Apple: - Levitation

Meanwhile Gardens discussion thread:
Spiritualized - Levitation

Official entry at:
Wikipedia - Levitation (band)

Facebook Page:
Facebook - Levitation (band)


Many thanks to (deep breathe):
Mandi Apple, Mark Benney @ flickr , James Borland, David Bouch, Nick Bourne, Andy Broome, Chris Carus, Marcus Dalrymple, Steve Dinsdale, Tim Driver @ , David Francolini, Guzzlepip, Gavin Hogg, Laura Holmes, Chris Murphy, Brad Orgeron, Steve Rhodes, Nick Shearn at Bluecat Design, Alex Staszko, Rupert Stratton, Chris Tomsett (for writing it all down and cutting it all out), Nick Tudor, and Robert White.