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Radio Sussex “Turn It Up”– Jun 1991

Terry: We’re about, sort of, beautification of the species – of the human race. If we can make people smile and laugh then that’s what we’re into.

You’ve been known to improvise on stage. Isn’t there a danger of songs breaking down if you improvise too much?

Terry: Er, no not at all. We’re competent enough. Y’know, we know what we’re doing. We’re kind of like…we know what we’re about. The reason for that - sort of improvisations and things and having songs that expand – is just to keep the interest up for us, so it keeps it there for the audience. We have quite a fast turnaround of songs and we’d like to keep it that way so people don’t hang on to any particular song as the pinnacle, y’know, ‘cos that was kinda what took away from the House Of Love, where everyone just came to see Christine and Destroy The Heart, and you’re always expected to play those songs, and that can tie you down.

Do you still get people heckling you for the old House Of Love songs?

Terry: It’s kinda died down a lot actually. It’s died down a lot after the press, y’know? I mean, we played a radio session on Radio Five the other week and I just felt like it was good. It was like, we finally set ourselves in our own right. We had the opportunity to show a lot of people across the country, y’know, we’re completely a band in our own right and no way a surrogate House Of Love or Terry Bickers and his sorta show band. We want to do things that will create a bit of a furore, y’know, cause a stir musically, to let people know there’s always…you know we’ve worked hard to find a different sort of sound and we want people to know that they can always investigate fresh areas

You’ve got a song called Squirrel. What’s that about?

Terry: Well…it was just about an encounter we had with a Dutch mystic. His name was Eugene Squirrel, and he was a pretty happening guy…No, it was just about some squirrel that came in while the song was being recorded. Bob lives out in the sticks, our keyboard player, and this squirrel appeared at the window so we dedicated it to that. We’re all working as perfectionists for each other, and taking responsibility for someone else’s instrument is like…Dave, he’s kinda like quite a conductor when we rehearse and everything, and I’ve never known a drummer take so much interest and active involvement in the musicality of the group rather than just the rhythm of the group. I mean Dave writes lyrics, and we share lyric writing and stuff.

Dave: We work together as friends, y’know, and we’ve all had friendships in the past but you don’t try and judge your current friendship on friendships that you’ve had in the past because we all recognise the individuality of every person we come into contact with, and therefore Terry and I’s relation operates strictly within Terry and I’s relationship’s boundaries, y’know? Rather than on maybe Terry and Guy’s relationship which I have no wish to get involved with.

Terry: We’re into taking on the music business. Everyone is quite aware of the pitfalls that exist but we’re into taking on the music business, and you have to get into the centre of it and eat away from the inside, y’know, like James and the Giant Peach. Do you know what I mean? We’ll go for it.

Are you the glowworms?

Terry: Yeah, we’re the glowworms. We’re the fireflies haha We’re the souls of dead youngsters. They come through us. There’s a lot of powerful energy there in people that have been wronged, y’know, even if it’s only an idea in your own head, there’s no actual spiritual communication with another plane, y’know? Another essence that we can’t explain. That’s what I’m working for, I’m working for justice. Each song has almost like its own character role, which suits my personality quite well. I like acting and playing parts. I’ve always enjoyed that, and I do venerate feelings…negative emotions that I’m fully aware of. It’s nice when you get to a stage in life that you can fully take on board the fact that everyone has a dark side that balances out the light. That’s a good way of getting those feelings out of you. Those destructive feelings. Playing music.

Is it true that you’re writing some music for a new Herbs series?

Terry: well, yeah, I’ve been investigating that. It’s on the cards. I’ve spoken to the people from Filmfair. I’m really up to doing the soundtrack to that. It was basically originally an idea for my kid, just to have that as my personal gift to her and it might just remain that way.

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